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Blockchain Hotels will establish local business entities where required in order to begin the process of building each hotel.  Our international team members are located in many different locations throughout the world. Right now we are preparing to relocate to our new headquarters in Puerto Rico.

No. We are not. We have, however, been in contact with the Founder of this firm and we plan to discuss possibilities of some sort of collaboration, but at the moment, we are 2 separate entities.

Anyone is welcome to stay at a hotel, and can choose to pay using our Hotel Coin (“HCI”), select alt-coins, or fiat currencies. Hotel Coin is the primary and obligatory payment method, however our back-end system is able to use exchanges to convert customer payments to Hotel Coin in a seamless transaction for the guest.

We will employ a very high level of transparency.  For example, when we are ready financially, we will buy land and there will be a live broadcast of this event. At this point we have made an official offer for our first property and are waiting to see if it is accepted.

We are utilizing a hybrid of two business models.  One is a Utility Coin that will be tradable on exchanges.  The second, which relies on the real estate investment model, allows users to benefit from profit-sharing for the hotels themselves.

Our business model based on the real estate investment model will legally allow the participation of any investor anywhere in the world – including unaccredited American investors – to share in the profits of the hotels.

However, when we raise the funds for real estate model, we can not use these funds for the development of the hotels. This money has to remain in escrow until we have produced a usable product.

Preparing this model, including the legal structure, technology systems, and delivering a ready-to-use hotel requires a significant investment.

The ICO allows us to jumpstart this entire process. This includes starting the development, buying the land, organizing and preparing the legal structures, creating the back-end system, marketing costs and the hotel delivery team, and finally delivering the first hotel is what will allow us to release funds in escrow, and then use that money for the development of the second hotel, and so on.

This model allows us to begin all of these processes and provides us with enough funds for global expansion.

When you purchase tokens through an ICO you are acquiring them at the lowest possible price. While the value of both the hotel and cryptocurrency industries are growing, it would be unethical to speculate on the potential growth of the price. We know this question will be asked a lot, but please understand that we really cannot speculate.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of blockchain technology experts, hotelary business experts, architects, CEOs and Presidents of development companies like Giant Containers and Sundog Structures, and successful entrepreneurs.  See a complete list in Advisors section!

Room Certificates will be available after we will finish the sales of the Hotel coin.

For the first location we will strongly consider Puerto Rico as it is becoming a place where a lot of people involved in cryptocurrency have started moving. Also because of the recent hurricane that hit Puerto Rico it has created a special economic zone, that encourages any type of business. Other locations we have done research on is The Bahamas, Hawaii, San Francisco, Miami and The Philippines.

Currently Blockchain Hotels plans to share profits with a split of 60/40 with contributors, and aims to create 18-25 % return of contributing for the contributors which is a fantastic result by real estate contributing standards. Room certificates give you the right to participate in the profit of that room. If you bought 1 room certificate = 1 week. then we share with you the profit of that week. Return on contributing will be 18-25%. But the amount of room certificates is limited because the hotel has a limited amount of rooms which means that room certificates are available only for the first contributing. Then you have the customer case. The Customer pays the normal price when he or she is coming to the hotel. $30 -$50. They have no clue about some room certificates. They are just guests. When the guest is coming to the hotels he needs to pay for room in Hotel Coin – for everything. Food, jetskis, scooters and his room. For the guest experience is seamless. Investors will get a share from the profit that have been generated. Hotel Coins. So let’s imagine there is known amount limited of Hotel Coins.

Because there are more and more guests.

Because there are new locations of hotels that are great, and everybody needs hotel coin to stay there. So the demand for hotel coin increases, because there are more people that have to buy it to stay.

  1. Much lower fees due to the use of cryptocurrency
  2. Reduced fees in general.
  3. Increases transparency.
  4. Innovative fundraising platform.
  5. Increase transferability and audit ability.  
  6. Decentralized, guest hotels data,
  7. The fact hotels are off-the-grid means we are not connected to traditional energy sources (energy decentralized).

Please note: We are not a software company. We are blockchain community and also early crypto contributors, and we are giving you the ability to secure your crypto profits.

Hotel Coin is the proprietary token of Blockchain hotels. It is used for every transaction within the hotels, from booking rooms, to meals, to submarine rentals (yes, even that!).
Additionally ownership of Hotel Coin allows you to participate in the sales of Room Certificates.

Hotel Coins can be purchased with 5 easy steps:

  1. Account Registration/Email Verification to create a “wallet.”
  2. Select a form of currency to exchange for tokens.
  3. Send funds to your newly-created wallet.
  4. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) check.
  5. If the KYC is accepted, Claim Tokens. If not we will send the money back.

If everything is fine The Tokens are then issued!

You can learn more from our blog. You will find it on our website.

Yes – the KYC process is mandatory.

You will be required to submit your proof of identity (KYC). This is a very simple process which involves uploading two images on the website with the relevant documentation. We will inform you once this is approved.

We are currently in discussions with several major exchanges and will release the dates as soon as we confirm them. We cannot disclose any information until this is finalized. We plan to enter the exchanges around 3 weeks after the end of the ICO.

Hotel coins, are limited. They are used as a payment method in hotels. The number of hotels will be increasing, and along with that, demand for the coin. More and more people will need that to stay in the hotels. Additionally Hotel Coin ownership gives you access and the possibility of joining the Room Certificates sales, as only people who have the Hotel Coin have this right. Room Certificates give you the right to receive a share of the profit from that room.

You will be able to sell the coins on most major exchanges.

No, Hotel Coin is a  token, not a share or security. The coin is used to stay and enjoy the hotels, or be traded on the exchange. You own the right to exchange that token for hotel services. You also own the right to participate in Room Certificates sales.

Yes you can change it – you can pledge more, and you can do that many times.

You will receive them immediately after the approval of you KYC and you make a payment.

All of this information will be available when you log into the Blockchain Hotel Dashboard. After your KYC has been approved, you will be able to claim your tokens in your wallet.

Yes, they are ERC20 compatible. Once the KYC documents have been confirmed by our team, your account will be activated and you will be asked to supply an ethereum address to receive the tokens.

Tokens will then be sent to this address and you will own your HCI tokens!

Note: As of yet, we are not on any exchanges .Please do not send your tokens to an exchange.

All token supply and distribution information is included in the whitepaper.

Hotel Coin is ERC20-compatible, you can use all Ethereum wallets.

Users can manage their tokens via the Blockchain Hotel Dashboard.

We are currently in discussions with several major exchanges and will release the names and dates of the exchanges as soon as we confirm them. We cannot disclose any information until this is finalized. We plan to enter the exchanges approximately 3 weeks after the end of the ICO.

Early contributors of Hotel Coin will receive 4 main benefits:

  1. Discounted price per token.
  2. 5% discount on Room Certificate pricing.
  3. Internal Voting rights to help decide various hotel business decisions such as future hotel locations, community events etc.
  4. Access to an exclusive secret club-room at Blockchain Hotel facilities available only to members of PRIME MEMBERSHIP through a custom wearable device.

At the moment we don’t have a “controlling stake” option as we will be avoiding this situation.

Tokens can be bought through the Dashboard, and you can register here: https://dashboard.blockchainhotels24.com/user/login

Please remember: we will NEVER send your wallet address in any other way than through the contribution platform – ie, the Dashboard. DO NOT contribute, if you`ll get a wallet address through email, Telegram, Facebook or any other source than the contribution platform REGARDLESS of of who is soliciting it.

Address: 0x7FBD92F49F6f9b4F9b3b4D18761B0DEb7253A8bF
Decimals: 8
Symbol: HCI

You can find more details on our blog.

It WILL give you the right to receive a profits for an unlimited numbers of years as long as hotel is functioning. For a number of weeks you initially purchased. The term of the certificate is unlimited and does not expire.

You can contribute in any currency except Fiat.

To start with the cryptocurrencies you should have a wallet on one of the exchanges, there are plenty of them and we do not recommend any particular one as we are obliged to remain objective. Here is the global list of exchanges https://cryptocoincharts.info/markets/info

As you can observe, there are plenty available options, each of the exchanges have their own policy when it comes to transaction fees and verifying their customers.
So when you register on one of the exchanges you will be able to buy there cryptocurrencies with FIAT – so as an example in EUR using wire, credit card or paypal (this depends on each exchange)
step by step it would look as follows:

1. Find a exchange that support desired by you form of payment.
2. Register there
3. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Dash
4. Once you have it go to our Dashboard and there you will be able to buy our HCI (Blockchain Hotels coin)

To see how much you need of the desired cryptocurrency – check it on our Dashboard first, please register here: https://dashboard.blockchainhotels24.com/register

This may help https://currencio.co . Just enter the amount you want to contribute and you will see how much of the crypto currency you`ll need to use.

It’s definitely a new emerging market with a lot of uncertainty, but it’s also innovative and promising and there are many big projects with reputable people behind them. We advise you to conduct thorough due diligence on any token crowdsale you’re considering. There are many resources available online to evaluate the potential of various token crowdsales.

Yes and No. Not everybody is able to buy Hotel Coin.

Unfortunately, citizens of The USA, Korea, China and Germany are not allowed to contribute to the Blockchain Hotel ICO.
However, in regards to our second model – Room Certificates, then anyone can participate.  Please note that every one of these countries will have specific legal compliance as well as separate agreements. In the beginning we definitely will not be able to be ready for participation from every country, but in time our legal team will be opening the opportunity to countries one by one.

The market cap for our ICO will be $27,72 Million, with 210 million total available tokens for sale. No tokens can be created in the future. A full breakdown of the token distribution is explained in the whitepaper.

Yes, the minimum cap is $5,000,000USD. This will allow us to start development and at least finish small phases of the building, so we can activate some funds held in escrow, required for our minimum quality development standards. If the minimum cap is not raised. All funds from main ICO campaign will be returned back to contributors.

The minimum contribution to the ICO is $100.  There is no maximum contribution for now (this may change in the future).

The minimum contribution to the PRIVATE SALE will be $100.

We will publish the contribution address on the Blockchain Hotel Dashboard before the opening of the ICO. We will never publish the address via email, telegram, facebook or any other public place.

Yes.  You cannot contribute until the ICO is open. But you can register in Blockchain Hotels Dashboard. The full ICO will open on April 30, 2018.


All token information will be displayed on the Blockchain Hotels Dashboard.

We are currently working on our technology platform. It will be released in February. Sign up to our whitelist to get updates.

Holding 1 HCI coin or Token or 100,000 is equal in terms of power or privilege. However having more coins you will have a higher chance of influencing decisions within our internal voting platform for community-related decisions.

Private sale – $0.08 – 25 million coins ($2M)
1. $0.11 – 38 million coins ($4.18 Mln.)
2. $0.13 – 35 million coins ($4.55 Mln.)
3. $0.15 – 54.600 million coins ($8.19 Mln.)
4. $0.17 – 50 million coins ($8.5 Mln.)

There is a limited total amount of 350 million HCI coins, with a market cap of $27,720 million. They will be available until sold out during the ICO.

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash.

There are many exchanges that you can buy crypto on like https://www.lykke.com/ or  www.cex.io that you can easily purchase cryptocurrency within minutes

Early Hotel Coin buyers will get a chance to receive a HOTEL PRIME Membership

Aside from holding money as the payment method in the hotels and all their services and amenities, early purchases of Hotel Coin will receive 3 additional benefits.

  1. 5% discount on Room Certificate pricing.
  2. Internal Voting rights to help decide various hotel business decisions such as future hotel locations, community events etc.
  3. Access to an exclusive secret club-room at Blockchain Hotel facilities which is available only to members of a PRIME MEMBERSHIP through a custom wearable device.

Membership access is available only for first purchasers during the ICO and requires a minimum of a $1000 purchase, available until the coins are sold out. Owning coins from a secondary market exchange will not provide PRIME MEMBERSHIP status.

Membership can be obtained through the ICO or private sale and will be automatically given to users that will buy at least $1000 worth of coins.
Please note that buying form an exchange does not give you membership This will happen through the KYC process and only approved users will be able to join.

Hotel Coin is a cryptocurrency. it’s more than a typical coin as it will be the lifeblood of Blockchain Hotels – every transaction at one of our facilities, from room booking, to dining, to jet ski rental, to booking a private office, scooter, mini-submarine, or conference room, will be conducted via Hotel Coin.  A Room Certificate, on the other hand, gives contributors the right to participate in the profits of the hotel room rental and benefit from the real estate model itself, or to attend the hotel as a guest for a discount of up to 60%.

We are using multi signature accounts, we do not use one account to store everything. Our servers are encrypted and protected from hackers and attacks by powerful IDS enterprise grade systems.

No. Our Blockchain Hotels Dashboard will have a feature to allocate every user a dedicated wallet to send funds to. Because of this solution there is no way to hack the system, because funds will be allocated in thousands of wallets. For now this is the most secure and advanced option in the ICO industry.

Hotel Coin minimizes risks due to its strict adherence to regulatory and operational standards. Nevertheless, investing in financial products always entails a non-negligible level of risk.

Our system/software is fully audited by Grey Wizard, one of the world’s leading software security firms.  You can find more information about them here: https://greywizard.com/